Almanacky: Dive into Daily Trivia!

Welcome to Almanacky, your daily dose of trivia spanning across a spectrum of diverse categories. Get your neurons firing and test your knowledge across areas ranging from History to Sports. Do you have what it takes to master our daily quiz?

How Almanacky Works

Daily Quiz Format

Every day, players receive a set of 6 questions, one from each of our selected categories. Challenge yourself daily and watch your knowledge expand!

Complete & Compete

Make sure to answer all questions. No skipping! Once done, submit your answers to see your score. Share your results and challenge friends to beat your score!

Track Your Progress:

Registered users can delve into their gameplay statistics. Discover patterns in your performance and find out which categories you shine in.

Ordered Challenge

Although our trivia spans 6 different areas, when you play, they follow this order:


Rich, Interactive Design

Experience trivia like never before, with vibrant question cards, smooth transitions, and a user-friendly interface.

Why Play Almanacky?

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Discover fun facts and intriguing information every day.
  • Competitive Edge: Aim to get 6 out of 6 every time and show off your trivia prowess.
  • Enhanced User Experience: From our login sequence to the results display, every step is crafted to provide the best gameplay experience.
  • Stay Updated: With questions covering such a wide array of topics, you’re bound to learn something new and relevant.

Get Started

Dive right into the world of Almanacky. Register to keep track of your scores and performance statistics or play as a guest. Either way, fun and learning await!